Our Process

In a perfect world, the creative process would take off from a quick burst of inspiration. At Blue Highway, we understand that listening to our clients is the key to igniting that spark of creativity. Our projects begin with our heads tilted and our pencils ready. We know that in order to serve your company properly, we must first gain an intimate familiarity with your needs, as well as those of your customers. It is by gaining this understanding that we can begin to create solutions.

Once we are familiar with your situation, we move forward with an efficiency of motion. With open lines of communication, we explore various concepts and ideas. We gather feedback and refine our ideas until we arrive at a solution that is right for you. It is an intense exchange that culminates in the tangible representation of your vision.

And then it is time to build.

This involves creating the necessary graphics and files, and then placing it all together in a manner that brings your vision to the forefront. With the proper planning, everything fits together like a complex puzzle. At Blue Highway, we take pride in putting those pieces together - and we have fun doing it.

No matter how stunning the website looks, it must be usable for your clients in order to be a viable component of your business. Once we've put the pieces together, we step outside the box and put our designs through a rigorous usability/user interface testing phase. We then analyze the results, incorporate our findings into the website, and continue to modify any necessary elements until the final product is flawless on all levels.

After celebrating the launch of your website, you will take comfort in knowing that we are still here for you. If you need to have your website professionally maintained, we are delighted to provide that service. Or, if you just need to bounce an idea off us, we are happy to do that as well.

By their nature, websites are fluid and constantly evolving. In our minds, there is no such thing as a "finished" website. As your business develops, adapts, and changes with the marketplace, we will be here to ensure that your website does too.