Coqui photography came to Blue Highway hoping to establish a website that would capture their essence like a good photograph. It was determined that their old site was outdated, overly cluttered, and lacked visual impact. Blue Highway cleared the clutter, sharpened the visuals, and overall brought the site into focus--just what the photographer ordered! View details.
Coqui Photography

We completely reworked this corporate client's site, positioning them for expansion, and launched ahead of schedule. This is the type of service Blue Highway can offer to all large-scale clients. View details.
BA Capital Partners Europe

Impeccable Collectables needed a sharp looking website with a reliable e-commerce component. In terms of look and feel, they wanted the shop to blend in seamlessly. Blue Highway created a website with an integrated shop--all held together by a design that is, well… impeccable. View details.
Impeccable Collectibles

A startup, Silver Lining Designs came to the table with only a logo to serve as a visual marker for who they are as a company. They left with a website that with its sleek design and intuitive interface truly establishes a presence that is both visually stunning and functionally sound. View details.
Silver Lining Designs

When Dottie Doolittle came to Blue Highway, they wanted a site that would stay true to their capricious image, yet have all the bells and whistles of a serious e-commerce shop. Blue Highway delivered by implementing an e-commerce solution that is as fun as it is functional. Find out more about how we did a lot for Dottie Doolittle. View details.
Dottie Doolittle

When the non-profit First Base Foundation came to Blue Highway they had a big dream and a small budget. Their dream was to help kids stay active. Blue Highway believes that corporations should act to strengthen the community. It was time to put our convictions to practice… and we did, hitting a home run for The First Base Foundation. View details.
First Base Foundation

Identity, print material, web presence and e-commerce: Blue Highway was there from day one to help D2ea bring astronomy down to Earth for the average person. View details.
Down to Earth Astrology

Clean, elegant design that allows the personality of its founder to shine through. Blue Highway is there every step of the way for clients around the country – and around the world. View details.
Kanter Professional Management

With an eye towards usability and scalability, Dolce Luna’s site highlights their marvelous dessert creations. Digital imagery to tease the taste buds. View details.
Dolce Luna

Delivering the goods for a business that’s been a San Francisco standard since 1928. Blue Highway treats small business customers like big-time clients. View details.
Union Garage