Down to Earth Astrology
As a new business, Down to Earth Astrology (D2ea) hired Blue Highway (BH) to create its identity, print material and entire web presence, including a custom e-commerce component. Laurel Sanford, founder of D2ea, had a vision for her business and sought out Blue Highway to provide the web expertise needed to bring that vision to life. Working closely with Laurel to ensure our full understanding of her needs, Blue Highway set about creating a website that would not only reflect D2ea's values and goals (bringing astrology down to earth for the average person), but that would be visually stunning and eminently usable.

Blue Highway was responsible for every aspect of the website's development, including domain name registration, website hosting, and brand management. Additionally, we developed a sophisticated e-commerce solution that gives users the ability to order a myriad of astrological reports online. We continue to assist D2ea with identity management and website maintenance. As Laurel's business continues to grow and change, Blue Highway will be right beside her to make sure that her web presence doesn't get left behind.

Blue Highway is proud of the elegant, easy to use, and highly functional solution
that we developed for D2ea.