BA Capital Partners Europe
BA Capital Partners Europe
After a long period of stagnation, Bank of America Capital Partners (BACPE) brought their website to Blue Highway in partially completed form. BACPE had been unhappy with their previous developer's failure to meet deadlines and quality standards. They hired BH to get the site back on track with a mandate to:

1. Fix what was broken.
2. Improve on the elements of the site that did not meet their standards.
3. Build out entire sections of the website that never left the drawing board.
4. Develop a consistent style guide for the website.
5. Launch the website in keeping with a strict deadline.

In response, Blue Highway systematically reworked the architecture of the site. To address the issue of stylistic consistency, we created new page components for each section of the site -- additions which make the site both more intuitive and compelling for the end user. We then vastly improved the site's functionality by subjecting it to rigorous usability testing in keeping with heuristic guidelines. From the start, BACPE made clear that they planned to enlarge the scope of their online services. With this in mind, Blue Highway proactively built out the website in a scalable manner to simplify and expedite future expansion. This forethought will spare BACPE both production time and redundant costs when they initiate the next phase of development.

Having achieved the primary mandate, Blue Highway guided BACPE in purchasing and managing domain names to protect and secure their brand identity. BH is currently promoting (BACPE's website) by providing comprehensive search engine registration and ranking optimization.

Phase two of development will be in the works shortly. This will involve launching the website in other languages and will also incorporate printable page functionality into the existing website. Blue Highway provides BACPE a level of service and scalability that keeps our corporate clients coming back. We will do the same for you.